In-depth information about Energy Performance Certificate – A Must Have Legal Document For All Landlords.

You cannot officially declare your property whether domestic or commercial for sale unless you have an Energy Performance Certificate against it. This shows the significance of this legal document. It is not just a colored paper; it is in fact a document which holds important information about your property. Without having an energy efficiency rating of your property, you cannot sell it. In this article, you will find out why it is so important to have an Energy Performance Certificate. You’ll have a clear idea about what Energy Performance Certificates are?  Why do you need them?  If you are wondering where I can get an energy performance certificate from, you are at the right place.

where I can get an energy performance certificate

Living in Watford, you must be excited to build your new house. However, just building a new house is not enough. You need to maintain your property to keep it attractive for buyers and tenants. It is vital for you to have an EPC against your house. You must be wondering where I can get an energy performance certificate. You need a professional to acquire an EPC in Watford. There are individual consultants and management companies which help you manage you property and get an EPC in Watford against your property. It is important for you to carefully choose a responsible company to provide you an EPC in Watford. These agents and companies would evaluate your cooling and heating system in the house to depict the energy efficiency. In addition, they also check the gas emission of your building.

As a responsible landlord, it is important for you to cooperate with them and give them the desired information they need to have an accurate estimation of energy performance in your house. You don’t need to worry where can I get an energy performance certificate in Watford from when you hire the facilities of professional agents and companies. They take care of everything They also give you essential information regarding your property and give you suggestions about how to improve the energy efficiency of your property.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

The energy performance certificate indicates the energy efficiency of your building. Whether your property is domestic or commercial, it requires an energy performance certificate. You need to have a commercial energy performance certificate register if you own a property in UK.

As a general rule, the certificate contains the following details about your property:

  • The type of property ( domestic or commercial)
  • The address of your building.
  • An estimation of the building’s total floor area.
  • The date of issuance of the certificate
  • Serial number assigned to the document.
  • A recommendation report for further improvements.

energy performance certificate

The energy performance certificate depends on the texture and the heating, ventilation, and lightening services of the building. The energy efficiency of your building is recording in the energy performance certificate register which shows the worth of your property to everyone. If you want an EPC in St Albans, you can look for EPC assessors in your area you get your property registered against an EPC to make it favorable for buys and tenants. To help you have an EPC in St Albans, these assessors would take care of all the obligations.

Reason behind Energy Performance Certificate:

The law of having an Energy Performance Certificate against your property, be it domestic or commercial was introduced in 2008 in Europe. The certificate is required for properties which are self-contained. If you are a tenant you don’t need to have an EPC against the property. However, it is important for the landlord to show you the document without any charges before you plan to take his property on rent.

Reason behind Energy Performance Certificate:

The major cause of concern for making the EPC compulsory for all properties was to give knowledge to tenants about how good the property is. There are two ratings of EPCs. One rating tells you about the energy efficiency of the property and the other rating gives you to CO2 impact of the property.

The Domestic Energy Assessor is responsible for producing EPC against your property. The DEA will access all the rooms of your property and evaluation the energy performance of your property. He can even take pictures of your boiler and rooms to depict the energy efficiency and give your property the desired rating.

The EPC rating lies from A to G. If a building gets an A rating, it shows its competence and efficient use of energy while a building with a G rating means the building is not good enough in terms of managing energy.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate:

When purchasing a commercial property, it is essential for you to acquire a Energy Performance Certificate Commercial Property. It is to be noted that the commercial EPC is very similar to the residential certificate. The graphs of the EPC are also the same. When you plan to build a commercial property, acquiring an Energy Performance Certificate Commercial Property should be the first thing in your mind. The document has amazing benefits. The certificate will increase the value of your building. Buyers and tenants might lose interest in your property if the rating of EPC is not good enough.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

Whether you like it or not, EPC are important and they are here to stay. To evaluate the price of your property and to make it attractive you need to have an EPC against it.  UK is very concerned about meeting its KOYOTO PROTCOL target of greenhouse gas emission by 2020. Therefore, it has made compulsory for every commercial property to have an EPC to increase energy efficiency and decrease financial costs.

To help you improve your building, the assessors include recommendations in the document. These recommendations give you cost effective ways of improving the performance of your commercial property. The next time you plan to have an Energy Performance Certificate Commercial Property you might have a better rating of EPC in Hemel Hemstead. For every recommendation, the assessor mentions the estimated cost, cost saving, and the improvement in the performance rating after the recommendation. Moreover, you should bear in mind that EPC in Hemel Hemstead or anywhere in Europe will only access the energy efficiency of the building. It wont have any information regarding the safety aspects of your building nor it will have any information whether the installed system is suitable for the purpose.

Domestic Energy Performance Certificate:

We are all aware of the fact that population is increasing rapidly and resources are getting depleted. The world of today is a modern world which has seen amazing developments in a magnanimous scale. Energy is what is keeping the industries going which have a huge impact on the development of the modern world. To have a safe and clean environment, it is important to use our resources in an efficient manner. Without wasting energy and by reducing costs, we need to conserve energy for the very existence of mankind. Every individual needs to play his part in saving the world and making it a better place to live in.

Therefore, not only commercial properties require an EPC rating, even the domestic buildings require domestic Energy Performance Certificate to improve energy efficiency. If you live in Rickmansworth, as a responsible citizen, it is required for you to have an energy performance certificate in Rickmansworth against your self-contained property.

The purpose of acquiring an EPC in Rickmansworth is to reveal that your property is safe for the environment around. It won’t be surprising for you that 40 percent of energy consumption is the output of domestic usage. In curbing massive consumption of air-conditioning, lighting, heating system, EPC serves the purpose of energy efficiency. When the energy consumption of domestic purposes is reduced, the carbon dioxide in the air is automatically reduced. In this way EPC plays an important role in improving the overall environment condition by providing us a healthy and safe environment. All domestic and commercial properties strive to get a good rating of EPC to look attractive for potential buyers and tenants. Therefore, they make an effort to emit less carbon dioxide in the air and make the environment safe and healthy.

Factors which affect the calculation of EPC:

For preventing environmental degradation, every country which is a member of EU is required to implement the law of EPC. Hence the UK government is very vigilant in blocking the sales of houses and commercial properties which do not acquire an EPC. However, there are a few factors property owners should be aware about which affect the calculation of EPC. The energy rating of a particular building depends on the factors mentions below:

  • The nature of the building ( domestic or commercial), the type of the building ( flat, apartment or a bungalow)
  • How old the building is?
  • Number of rooms in the roof. Constructions and extensions
  • Total number of floors and floor area.
  • Wall insulation
  • Construction material used to build the property
  • Number of open flues
  • Lightening, ventilation and heating system.

The energy assessor visually examines the premises of your building to evaluate the efficiency of energy. After properly evaluating the data, the information the assessor gathers is fed into a software program which is approved by the government and the landlord succeeds in getting an energy performance certificate. To acquire an EPC in Harrow, you must consult a professional assessor.

Getting an energy performance certificate wont be a daunting task for you. There are a number of registered companies and individual agents who help you get an EPC against your property.

How much does an EPC cost?

The cost of EPC depends on a number of factors. It depends on the type of property you own, whether commercial or domestic. It also depends on the size of your property. If you own a 4 bedroom house, the cost of acquiring EPC is not much. You’ll be able to acquire cheap energy performance certificate. However, if you own a bigger property, EPC might be expensive for you.

There is no fixed price of an Energy Performance Certificate. Companies and individual agents who issue EPC charge different amounts. The cost varies from company to company. It also depends on the area you live in. If you live in Chesham, getting an EPC in Chesham is not very expensive. You can have cheap energy performance certificate from assessors and agents who are responsible for issuing these essential documents.

It is not possible for you to issue an EPC yourself. You need to hire a certified agent or a company to do the task for you. Bear in mind that when you are paying for the cost of EPC, you are also paying for the services providing by the domestic energy assessor. The cost of EPC includes the survey which is completed by the DEA and the EPC itself. The process of acquiring EPC takes an hour.

To improve the energy efficiency of your property, you might have to pay additional cost to the DEA. EPC could be very helpful for you to reduce the energy costs of your property. By improving the energy efficiency of your property, you are able to increase its value and make it worth buying.

Therefore, to maximize the energy efficiency of your house, it is important for you to acquire EPC. If you are a tenant, it is important for you to ask your landlord about this legal document. Don’t feel hesitant about it. It is your legal right. You need to be fully aware about the energy emissions about the property you are planning to rent.

There are lots of companies and individual agents which are recognized for providing EPC rating to domestic and commercial properties. They are fully aware about how to assess your property and give you the deserved rating. As a property owner, make sure that you follow the recommendations they give you in the report to improve you rating in future. The higher the rating you get, the better it is for you because it makes you property worth buying.