Housing Inspection for Purpose of Immigration

United Kingdom visitors must be asked to provide independent Housing Inspection for Purpose of Immigration report for proposed accommodation of suitable size and standards. The property they intend to live must not be overcrowded & doesn't impose health & safety issue.

Smart Property Service is experienced in all housing related issues and has been providing housing inspection reports for many years. You can rest assured that we will help you with everything that you need for your Housing Inspection Report to be completed successfully.

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Why need Housing Inspection Report?

United Kingdom Visa Housing Inspection Reports also known as Entry Clearance Inspection Reports are required to demonstrate that the proposed applicants, sponsors or those appealing against a refusal for a United Kingdom Visas to have suitable housing accommodation available to them upon arrival.

We estimated that approximately 30% of our all prospects have come to us after not submitting a housing inspection report and being told by UKBA & UKVI that their case was on hold subject to them requiring a housing inspection report – it is an absolute requirement for applicants outside the European Economic Area.

This requirement applies to a wide category of following visas

  • Spousal & Civil Partner Visas
  • Fiancee / Marriage Visas
  • Unmarried and Same Sex Partners Visas
  • Family Dependents Visas (Children, Parents, Grandparents)

We are one of the leading providers of Immigration Property Inspection Reports (IPIR) in the United Kingdom for Visa Purposes Applications.

UKBA & UKVI Complaint Report

Our Housing Inspection Report will effectively support the success of your immigration case. Our housing inspection report is fully compliant with the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) and United Kingdom Visa & Immigration (UKVI) compliance. Through the process of completing the report we will ensure that your housing inspection passes the required standard successfully which will strengthen your immigration case.

Why Housing Inspection by us?

  • Our Assessors are highly Qualified to provide Expert Housing Inspections
  • Dispatch Report on the day Housing is assessed
  • Report will bear an Official Stamp & Seal
  • Official Property Deeds
  • Our Best Price Guarantee

We provide discounted fees for Housing Inspection Reports.

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