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Are you ready to rent, buy or sell your property? Make sure that you have Energy Performance Certificate UK before making a move! If you are a resident of the UK, you might be aware of the need and importance of Energy Performance Certificate in UK. If you are new to the United Kingdom, then you need to know about energy performance certificate issued by Government before you finalize your accommodation.

Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificate is issued is issued for ten years tenure to the landlord that qualifies the property ensuring optimized performance of basic utilities like electricity, gas etc. Make sure you ask your landlord for EPC. If not, then you can call for EPC services through Smart Property Services. It only takes approximately 40-minutes to get the survey done by the experts. You can also ask for Energy Performance Certificate in Hemel Hempstead and many other places in the UK. The surveyor inspects loft insulation, wall insulation, boiler, central heating, radiators and windows before compiling the report. The surveyor will mark your property in a range starting from A to G, A indicating high performance whereas G indicating a minimum level of performance. These readings are calculated through the RDSAP software before qualifying property for Energy Performance Certificate.

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All newly build residences in the UK are obliged to undergo Energy Performance Certification in order to keep the authority of their property. As a landowner, you need to have an EPC before renting, selling or purchasing any property. If you want to get EPC in a fast, and efficient way from the experts, contact Smart Property Services today!