What You Should Know About Energy Performance Certificates

Get An EPC For Your Commercial Property To Improve Energy Performance

It is important for commercial building owners to have an EPC. An EPC is an imperative legal document which shows the energy performance of your premises. It gives an idea about how effectively the energy is being consumed by your building. A building with an A rating is outstanding in consuming energy. The consumption of energy for the building which gets a G rating needs a significant improvement.

EPC certificate

Purpose of EPC

It is estimated that 50 percent of the energy which is being consumed in UK is from 25 million buildings in UK. Therefore, to reduce energy consumption and increase the performance of energy resources, the Government of UK introduced EPC in 2007. It is obligatory for every property, whether domestic or commercial to have an energy performance certificate against it. This way the UK is able to control its energy consumption and improve the quality of life.

Important aspects of the certificate:

The energy performance certificate shows the energy usage of your house or commercial property. It also shows the carbon dioxide emission of the property. It considers certain things like whether you have wall insulation in your house or building. It also considers how the building is heated. The source of hot water and lighting efficiency is also identified.

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