Necessity Of An Energy Performance Certificate In Harrow
Energy Performance Certificates add to the efficiency of the buildings:

Energy Performance Certificate Is A Necessity For The Landlords

If you are an owner of a building, be it residential or commercial you need to have energy performance certificate with you. It is an essential certificate as it reveals the information about how much energy efficient your building is.  Buildings are known to be responsible for consuming almost 50% of the UK’ carbon emission and energy consumption.Moreover, this certification also enables the owners of the building to know about what kind of tenants will be appropriate for them. Last but not the least, these services will also guide one about how one can enhance the energy efficiency of one’s possession.

energy performance certificate

It has been since 2008 that landlords are legally bound to provide the EPC which is an abbreviation for the Energy Performance Certificate. It is the accredited energy performance certificate service provider who can issue this certification to the building owners.

Ratings for the building: Ratings for the building goes like as follows: If you have a highly energy efficient building then you will be getting an “A”, if your possession is least energy efficient it will be graded with “G” and if it is average energy efficient it will be given a “D” grade.

So this certificate educates the building owners as well as sellers or buyers about the energy efficiency of the possession. You can equally make use of residential and commercial EPC. Living in a technologically driven world these services can be accessed, and you can book and order online for these services in your locality.

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