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Energy Performance Certificates for Home Owners!

Ever thought why do you need an Energy Performance Certificate?  It is because it helps you go efficient and economical. It makes your living safe and stress-free ensuring all the things in home are working efficiently. If you do not have it, you can just call the experts in to make an assessment and issue you an Energy Performance Certificate in St Albans for your residence be it apartment or house. Your certificate entails:

  1. Your residential address
  2. Property type (like detached house, etc.)
  3. Date of assessment
  4. Certificate Date
  5. Serial number of certificates, and
  6. Total floor area

The assessment of the energy ratings for the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) engages RDSAPv3 procedure- the simplified version of SAP2005. Both these assessment procedures are devised from the UK building Research Establishment’s Model of Domestic Energy. These assessments are made by certified individuals.

So, which properties do not need this certificate?

  1. Non-residential properties like offices, warehouses and shops are exempted with this certification.
  2. Mixed use of property, a house that’s a part of a business, farm, shop or fuel station.
  3. Properties that are not safe and which possess a serious threat to health for a landlord
  4. Properties tagged to be demolished
  5. Listed Properties
  6. Stand alone buildings
  7. Religious places like temples and church etc.
  8. New residential buildings with less than 4-years of use.

So, now you are able to categorize your property in the right category. If you think, you still need a certificate, you can contact experts now!