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Is your property Legionnaies’ Disease free? Are you learning about this disease for the first time? Legionnaires’ Disease is more less pneumonia that is caused by Legionella bacteria. This infection is spread by bacteria that is caused by breathing through small droplets of water. Although, this disease is not transferred to another person, but it is fatal. The bacteria is found naturally and can grow in water. This includes domestic water for household purposes. Low temperatures helps this bacteria grow faster in the range of 20-45 degrees Celsius. So, what is the way out?

Get your Property Assessed by Experts!

Landlords are obliged to ensure that their property is Legionnaires’ Disease Risk- Free before leasing it to tenants. Landlords are supposed to help and protect people from Legionnaires’ Disease. In order to get your property go through Legionnaires’ Disease Risk Assessment, You can opt for Legionnaires’ Disease Risk Assessment Form to get started with us. According to law, it is necessary for landlords go through this assessment before renting their flats or houses. Usually, you do not need an expert to engage in this assessment. However, engaging a professional in Legionnaires’ Disease Risk Assessment, will save your time, minimize your unnecessary fatigue and headache.

You can engage experts from Smart Property Services to do the legionella risk assessments instead of running around looking for people to help you. Moreover, you can seek help from health and security departments that works for the Government and public safety for guidelines! Start your healthy living with us!